The SAFER Barrier System Can Improve the On-Track Safety of Your Racing Center in Tallahassee, FL

SAFER Barrier System Tallahassee FL

Constructed from steel and foam blocking, the SAFER Barrier system is the ideal safety solution for race track owners in the greater Tallahassee, Florida, area. This ultramodern on-track fencing solution is designed to absorb kinetic energy when drivers wreck, thus reducing the initial impact and preventing cars from bouncing back into traffic. This reduces the chances for multi-car pile ups that pose a serious threat for drivers and can lead to lengthy on-track delays, or even race cancellations in the worst cases.

Smith Fence proudly installs the SAFER Barrier system and has done so for tracks in Tallahassee and others throughout the state. We have a thorough understanding of this fencing solution and the many benefits it offers. We know that the SAFER Barrier system:

  • Has a durable steel build that is 3/16” thick and is designed to withstand major impacts
  • Is constructed to be flush without any edges to prevent “wrapping” or “catch and pivot” wrecks which have proven to be extremely dangerous for drivers
  • Can be installed over existing concrete barriers, making it a versatile option for race track owners with outdated safety fences already in place
  • Can be repaired easily during races to prevent race stoppages

When you combine this state-of-the-art system with the expert installations and outstanding customer service offered by Smith Fence, the results are award-winning. In fact, we have received an “A rating” from the Better Business Bureau, which helps exemplify our dedication to excellence. We are proud of our reputation, and look to add you to our long list of satisfied clients across the region.

To learn more about the SAFER Barrier system or the ways in which it can improve the safety of your racing center in the Tallahassee, FL, metro area, contact Smith Fence today. When you do, you will speak with one of our friendly representative who will gladly answer any questions or help schedule an appointment for your track.