Upgrade to a SAFER Barrier System at Your Racing Center in the Greater Orlando, FL, Area

SAFER Barrier System Orlando FL

A SAFER Barrier system from Smith Fence is the ideal way to boost the safety of your racetrack or speedway in or around the Orlando, Florida, area. First installed at Indianapolis Speedway in 2002, this state-of-the-art system is designed to minimize the damage caused by wrecks and effectively improve on-track safety for drivers. To do so, the system is built with a foam block backing, which absorbs kinetic energy and prevents cars from bouncing back into the action after they have crashed.

In addition to the foam block backing, which is unique to the SAFER Barrier system, this on-track fencing solution offers several other crucial benefits for race center owners and the drivers that use their tracks in the Orlando area. SAFER Barriers are:

  • Durable – Built with steel that is 3/16” thick, the SAFER Barrier system provides unrivaled durability and can withstand major impacts with ease.
  • Versatile – This safety fence can be installed over existing concrete walls and can be fitted to meet the needs of practically any track, from speedways to road courses.
  • Flush – The system is built to be flush without any exposed edges to prevent “wrapping” or “catch and pivot” wrecks, which are especially dangerous for drivers.
  • Easy to repair – When a wreck does occur, the “soft walls” can be repaired quickly during the race to reduce race stoppage time.

Plus, with Smith Fence, you can count on excellent customer service and reliable installations. We have an experienced crew that has installed a variety of different fencing solutions for racing centers throughout the state. We use a time-tested approach that is sure to deliver the results you desire for your track.

For more information about the SAFER Barrier system or the many advantages it offers over other on-track fencing solutions found in the Orlando, FL, area, contact Smith Fence today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will gladly answer any questions and provide you with additional details about this one-of-a-kind safety system.